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Sapphire and Diamond ring, 18K yellow gold, hand crafted size 5.5
18k yellow gold pear sapphire and diamond ring.

14k yellow gold rhodolite and GIA diamonds ring.
A classic oval garnet and diamond ring in 14k white gold.

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2nd Red Garnet
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7th Yellow Sapphire
8th Tanzanite, Tourmaline
9th Lapis, Amethyst
10th Blue Sapphire
11th Citrine, Turquoise
12th Opal, Jade
13th Moonstone, Citrine
15th Ruby, Rhodolite Garnet
16th Peridot
17th Carnelian
18th Aquamarine
19th Garnet, Topaz
20th Yellow Diamond, Emerald
25th Tsavorite
30th Pearl
35th Emerald
40th Ruby
45th Alexandrite
50th Imperial Topaz
55th Emerald, Alexandrite
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70th Smokey Quartz
75th Diamond, preferably very large !

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